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Nickerbacher is a dragon with a dream. While all the other dragons in his family have grown up to guard princesses and travel with wizards, Nickerbacher has other aspirations. He wants to be a stand-up comedian. Papa Dragon isn't too crazy about this idea and tells him so. After reading about Nickerbacher, children ages five to eight will learn the value of being themselves while still respecting their parents. The book comes in traditional format, as an eBook and as a downloadable application.

The Message of Nickerbacher, the Funniest Dragon

The job of every child is to learn who he or she is and gradually move away from the protection and guidance of parents. At the same time, all children need the love and approval of their parents. This heartwarming story shows how Nickerbacher and his papa gradually learned to see the other person's point of view. Reading the story of Nickerbacher will show children the importance of asking for support from the people they love.

Children Returning to the Love of Reading

Todays children are busier than ever. They spend all day at school and some are part of an extended school day due to their parent's work schedules. When they're not at school, they are involved in sports, church and other activities that leave them very little down time. It's no wonder that few children today take the time to read for pleasure. In order to make that happen, books must be compelling with strong characters that kids can relate to.

Nickerbacher loves to make the other people laugh. In fact, he enjoys it so much that he wants to make a career out of being a comedian. He practices his acts on Princess Gwendolyn with great success. She roars at his antics, especially his imitation of his papa. Laughter is music to Nickerbacher's ears and he continuously challenges himself to create funny material. The young readers of Nickerbacher, the Funniest Dragon will laugh right along with him.

Nickerbacher and his father have a close relationship, but they are trapped in a parent-child conflict. Papa Dragon wants his son to have a traditional job while Nickerbacher desires to follow his heart. Their love grows even stronger by the end of the story because they learn to truly understand a viewpoint different from their own.

Nickerbacher wants to make his family proud of him, but he doesn't want to be like all the other dragons. He's afraid to tell his papa there are enough dragons that guard princesses.

What Nickerbacher wants more than anything in the world is to make people laugh. He wants to be a comedian, but no one seems to understand. Even though his friends Princess Gwendolyn and Prince Happenstance think there's something strange about a dragon who wants to so stand-up, they support his dream.

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Today’s children are involved with so many activities, that for them to voluntarily read books the story must be compelling and believable. The characters have to face special challenges and Nickerbacher has some big decisions to make. He knows what his papa wants and doesn’t want to disappoint him, but he has his own dreams.

Nickerbacher, the Funniest Dragon is a children s book for boys and girls that tells the story of a very unusual dragon. This modern fairy tale is about a dragon who wants to be a comedian. It’s a unique twist on dragon books for kids and because of that, the journey of Nickerbacher is sure to be a favorite in their personal library.

Nickerbacher's story is about diversity and being creative, but it also has a special message about friendship. There’s a camaraderie between Nickerbacher, Princess Gwendolyn, and Prince Happenstance, and a genuine love between Nickerbacher and his papa. Although there’s a strong father and son dynamic, this is a book that girls will appreciate too.

So, come on in to Nickerbacher's world. Laugh at his silly jokes. Cheer with the audience. Be proud of him with his family. Have fun. And most of all, dream big.

Dragons are magical. We love reading children stories about them and their incredible adventures. Short stories for kids have never been so much fun with Nickerbacher's silly jokes. At the same time, his journey has inspired many and is already one of the classic picture books. This is one of the children s picture books  that is certain to captivate and entertain.