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Here at Tjb Kids, our childrens authors and illustrators have the best picture books. Our children stories for kids will inspire and make you laugh. Our award winning children s picture books star a dragon and a turkey! Read about their adventures in these fun stories for kids. 

Written by Terry John Barto

Illustrated by Mattia Cerato



Anamazie is a young turkey who  studies acting, singing, and dancing while basking in the local spotlight as a star baton twirler. Opportunity comes knocking at Gobbleville’s Got Talent. After a few hard knocks, Anamazie is cast in her first movie in this kids book about actors.

A dragon named Nickerbacher guards a princess because his papa told him to. However, he yearns to be a stand-up comedian. Along the way, he encourages others to dream big and follow their hearts. See if Nickerbacher's dream comes true is this children's book about dragons.

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